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Used Shipping Containers in Houston

When it comes to finding the best shipping containers for your operations, you need to strike the perfect balance between price and durability. Pay too much and it hurts your bottom line, but unreliable containers could end up damaging your goods. That’s why our company offers outstanding used shipping containers. We have a wide variety of options to fit your needs. You never have to worry about the quality of your containers when you partner with us. Streamline your operations by relying on our used sea containers for all of your shipping needs.

We understand just how important it is for our clients to maintain a strict budget. Whether you are trying to keep the shipping costs of your business cargo low, or you are interested in affordable storage for your personal belongings, we have the perfect option for you. We offer a number of used storage containers. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that we are able to provide you with a container that meets your needs in price, size, and durability.

Used Storage Containers Perfect for Any Situation

When it comes to your operations, things change and you need a precise solution for your situation. That’s why we offer used storage containers in a variety of options and sizes. There’s never a reason to visit another company because we are sure to have the right containers for you. We ever handle large orders with no hassle to you. This minimizes any turnaround when your operations change. We carry an inventory of our most popular container sizes in-stock and ready to be shipped to your location. Just some of the options our company offers include:

• 8' Shipping Container
• 10' Storage Box
• 20' Shipping Container
• 20' Single Door Container
• 20' Open Top Container
• 40' Open Top Container
• 40' Standard Container
• 40' High Cube Container
• 40' Single Door Container 
• 45' High Cube Container

Save on Your Bottom Line with Our Refurbished Sea Containers

When you’re dealing with numerous shipments throughout the year, it’s important to secure refurbished sea containers at unbeatable prices. With more than 10 years of experience, we know how to secure the best rates for you. Our team restores and refurbishes used containers to ensure they meet your standards. This lets you remain confident while saving on the bottom line. We make sure all of our products stay reliable for years to comes, letting you get the most for your money. Rely on our solid, compact, and durable containers to stay within budget.

Delivering Used Sea Containers across the Country

Whether you want to invest in our used sea containers as is, or you want additional customizations performed, we can have your container delivered to your location within a few days or a few weeks. Over the past decade, we have served the shipping container needs of our community, our entire state, and most of the Southwestern US. This reduces the time from when you place an order to when you receive the units. We are dedicated to providing prompt service for each and every client. You won’t find this level of service at another supplier. Partner with our container company to meet all of your shipping needs as quickly as possible.

Stack of Containers in Houston

Looking for Modified Used Cargo Containers?

By staying updated on developments in the shipping container industry, we've become a leading force in a new and innovative market. Our team is committed to improving our products by staying ahead of the curve. A growing market is the production and sales of shipping containers as functional space solutions. As part of our comprehensive offerings, we provide used cargo contained specifically modified to meet your needs. With so many options available, you are sure to get the units perfect for your operations when you shop with us.

There are nearly limitless options when it comes to outfitting our used cargo containers. It all starts with a quick consultation with our sales team to discuss all of the features that you need. We take to listen to all of your questions and concerns. This ensures that you get exactly what you want. After that, our team of specialists gets right to work on modifying the containers. Sometimes, we even have read-to-go containers with modifications already completed. This speeds up the process even more, shortening the timeline for you. Some of the modifications available include all of the following and more:

• Doors
• Flooring
• Phone
• Painting
• Siding
• Windows
• Roofing
• Plumbing
• Internet
• Electricity
• Ventilation

Rely on Our Used Shipment Containers as Temporary Offices

With our wholes host of available modifications, it’s easy to turn one of our used shipment containers into an office or temporary living space. We install everything from electricity to plumbing and internet to fit your specific needs. A lot of our clients choose a shipping container as a mobile office for construction sites. They allow you to move a field office to any of your sites.

As for living space, we make our containers as comfortable as possible. When you need a temporary area to stay while completing a job, count on us to provide the right solutions for you. More and more people are using containers as they quickly become more economical than hotel bills.

Contact us to learn more about our full line of used shipping containers. We proudly serve clients in Houston, Brenham, Sealy, Willis, and Centerville, Texas, including the surrounding areas.