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Modified Shipping Containers in Houston

Accomplish more with customized new and used shipping containers from our company. Shipping containers can do much more than just move and store goods. Our firm is on the forefront of modified shipping containers, designing and selling containers specially tailored for a wide range of purposes. If you can think it, we can build it.

While a container may just be a simple box, there are countless ways to customize it for your specific needs. From wiring the container for electrician to adding ventilation systems to simple changes like doors and windows, our team does it all. Talk to our shipping container design team to learn about the full potential modification offers you and your project.

Industrial Shipping containers with Limitless Possibilities

Innovations for industrial shipping containers have unlocked a world of design possibilities for these storage units. The containers can be modified to fulfill nearly any purpose, including residential abodes, miniature offices, pop-up stores and eateries, post-disaster housing, and much more.

Many enterprising business thinkers are realizing the money-saving potential of shipping containers that have been modified. Instead of struggling to pay a high rent, business owners can work out of the retail space an affordable, outfitted container provides. You get all the benefits of a fixed retail spaces without the amped up costs eating into your profits.

Another popular commercial use of containers is temporary, mobile offices. Whether you need to set up a base of operations on a construction site or just need some extra office space to get more work done, industrial shipping containers are the solution for you. In addition to offices, many people are transforming containers into complete, economical homes.

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Custom Shipping Container Design Help

Create the perfect container with assistance from our shipping container design team. We listen closely to your goals and budget in order to make recommendations for which features would best serve your needs. There are numerous modification options available through our firm, including:

• Lock Boxes
• Interior Framing
• HVAC Systems
• Insulated Walls and Ceiling
• Internet and Telephone Systems
• Electrical and Lighting Systems
• Painting
• Flooring
• Plumbing
• HVAC Systems
• Doors and Windows
• Electrical and Lighting Systems
• Internet and Telephone Systems


Get the dream home you’ve always wanted while sticking to the budget you’ve set aside. A shipping container house allows you to customize just about every feature of your home without paying exorbitant fees. Even better, it will be ready to live in before you know, with most projects taking around just three weeks. In addition, container homes are constructed off-site, so there is no need to worry about bad weather delaying the schedule or causing damage to the home. Learn more about the advantages containers offer homeowners by talking to our experts.

Get a Great Deal on Used Shipping Containers

Save money on your project by shopping our selection of used shipping containers. We have countless used containers that are ready to sell and be modified for your project. When you need a balance of affordability and adaptability, a used shipping container is an excellent choice.

Contact our company to learn more about the possibilities modified shipping containers offer. We proudly serve clients in Houston, Brenham, Sealy, Willis, and Centerville, Texas, including the surrounding areas.