Sea Container Sales

Cargo Containers in Houston

Do you need extra storage for your home or business? Do you need a strong shipping solution that can withstand any kind of handling or weather? Then rely on our company for quality cargo containers. We provide a wide range of shipping containers for sale and for rent. The durable design and steel fabrication of sea containers makes them ideal for shipping and storage. Whether you want to transport products across an ocean or simply want to store possession for an extended period of time, we have you covered.

New and Used Shipping Containers

Our 12 years in business makes us more than qualified to provide you with a cargo container solution that meets your needs in price, size, durability, and more. We even offer used cargo containers in order to make this worthwhile investment more budget-friendly.

You can depend on us to educate you about all the current storage container options available, as well accurately address any concerns or questions you have. We guarantee this thorough customer service in order to ensure that you are 100% confident in your purchase or rental. Some of the different cargo containers we provide include:

• Steel Shipping Containers • Rentable Shipping Containers • "Ready-to-Go" Customized Containers

Browse Our Selection of Shipping Containers for Sale

Innovations in technology and manufacturing make cargo shipping containers more durable and damage resistant than ever before. This is why there is an increasing market for customized containers that serve as on-site offices, permanent living accommodations, and more. Our selection of containers sometimes includes already customized options, as well as containers that are ready to be personalized for your needs.

Our team of knowledgeable professionals offers new and used cargo containers for sale and rent. These large metal boxes safely transport your products by boat, most often to another country. All modifications, such as doors, windows, ventilation, and electrical wiring are completed by an in-house team that performs work in a timely manner. If you are interested in modified cargo containers that can be fully functioning in as quickly as a few days or a few weeks, then we are the company for you.

Unique Uses for Storage Containers

While our products are ideal for shipping and storing a variety of items, they can also be used for countless interesting projects, such as building a house out of a shipping container. Though this might seem like an unusual concept, houses built from storage containers have risen in popularity over the last few years. They are an affordable alternative to a traditional home — in fact, they cost 20 percent less than a house built out of the usual materials, and are even easier to build.

Brown Shipping Container in Houston

Are you concerned about your impact on the environment and sustainability? Then a container house is your ideal choice. These houses are eco-friendly and can easily be moved to any location of your choosing. You can even use one as a destination for an unconventional getaway.
In addition to a home, shipping containers are built for a vast assortment of other uses. Because they are easy to move, vandal-proof, and insulated from the elements and bugs, storage boxes are perfect for all of the following: 

• Instant Warehouse
• Construction Supply Storage
• Security Storage
• Farm Equipment Storage
• Home Storage Sheds

What Are Standard Cargo Container Dimensions and Styles?

Depending on your needs and preferences, we can offer you a number of different sizes of cargo containers. The majority of these boxes are called dry van containers and carry general freight. We also offer refrigerated containers for transporting chilled or deep-frozen cargo for companies.

For your convenience, our products measure between 10 and 40 feet in length. We make sure that our shipping containers conform to all international standards, such as the International Standard for Organization™, Transports Internationaux Routiers, and the Convention for Safe Containers™.

Rent Cargo Shipment Containers from Our Professionals

Are you looking to rent cargo shipment containers? Then depend on our team of experienced associates for assistance. Our storage boxes are perfect for carrying a wide array of products, including commodities such as coal or wheat, manufactured goods, cars, and refrigerated goods. Our adapted containers are also great for shipping refrigerated cargo, dry cargo, and liquids such as oil and chemical products. You can even reuse your discarded containers, making them an environmentally friendly asset for any home or business owner.

Durable Sea Cargo Boxes

Our sea cargo boxes are mass-produced to withstand the harsh marine environment, making them a moveable, cost-effective, and secure storage unit for any company. Liner shipping is one of the most efficient modes of transportation in the industry. While ships may vary in size, numerous container ships have the capacity to transport up to 8,000 containers of products and goods on a single voyage. Unlike our sea liners, freight aircrafts, rail cars, and truck fleets need to make hundreds of trips to carry the same amount of goods that can fit in one large ocean liner. This makes investing in sea cargo containers an economical and timely solution to your shipping needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our cargo containers and find out what options we have currently in stock. We offer new and used cargo containers for clients in Houston, Brenham, Sealy, Willis, and Centerville, Texas, plus the surrounding areas.